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Daydreamz works with the community's underserved populations, 

providing unique opportunities to explore their own creative 'voice',

thereby creating alternate directions for the future--

their own and the community’s.

Daydreamz Project is back! (post-COVID) Now returning to our Annual Birdhouse Bash. We invite YOU to...
CREATE Your greatest Birdhouse or Feeder 
to support Daydreamz community-Art projects...
Our 7th annual Silent Auction will be May 13th at Whole Bloomin' Thing Fest
in Frog Level. See below for details...
Birdhouse/ Feeder info:
* make or decorate       a birdhouse

* use weather resistant,   nontoxic/ permanent   materials.

* Please NO:   cardboard,
fiberboard,   school glue, hot glue,   toxic paints or finishes.

* deliver your creation to 
aywood Handmade 
Gallery at 86 N. Main   Waynesville, NC

 10am to 5pm Mon – Sat
1am-4pm Sun.

Drop it off by May 11th

* Please fill out a 
 registration form   naming you & your   birdhouse donation.
CommunityBirdhouse Session 
April 22nd  1-4pm
Folkmoot Center - Virginia Ave.

Bring a Birdhouse or Feeder to decorate with others. We will have paint & materials to share. We will also work on a group creation, if folks are interested. 

Community Outings


We support other artists and groups by attending local performances & events. Come learn and grow with us,

and build community... 

 sharing meals, ice cream, and conversations

about what we've seen.

We support the arts, and invest in sustaining them!

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